Revive My Soul Oh Righteous!

Sebuah entri istimewa daripada sahabat non-Muslim kita, Charles Ganaprakasam yang berminat dengan agama Islam, semoga Allah membuka hatinya untuk menerima agama Islam insha-Allah.


OH EVIL! YOU conquering me all of the time

Though my Godly inspired intuition decided to not follow your desire but I am failed on it.

OH EVIL! YOU victorious all my meaningful days, YOU are the one who turn into big hindrance for me to realize the Righteousness of my soul
OH EVIL! In YOU I never find everlasting bliss but only satanic ecstasy delusion of soul destructive
OH EVIL! In YOU I attentive of my ugliness, I lost Righteous vision of my life and fallen deeply into the forces of darkness
OH EVIL! how long do YOU will attribute in me?
OH EVIL! I so frustrated in serving YOU whatsoever you intended through my action
OH EVIL! YOU possessed my soul by exceptional power of YOUR demonic desire
Through my ignorance I best served the needs of YOU OH EVIL!
Free me to find the root cause of YOUR existences in me
OH EVIL! I not belong to YOU but to RIGHTEOUS who guide me in right path
OH RIGHTEOUS! Had enough hidden beneath! Rise and guarded me from the Evil!
Revived my soul like a flower soon revived by the presence of water!
OH RIGHTEOUS! Bestow me the strength to conquering the EVIL in me and nurture me the courage to travel in your wisdom guided path
OH RIGHTEOUS! Let all the utter bliss mingle in my soul and drowned by the overflow of joyfulness
OH RIGHTEOUS! Nourish me with your blessing and revitalize my soul
Sooner reach you OH RIGHTEOUS the exalted in Might, the Wise!

Artikel ini ditulis oleh saudara : Charles Ganaprakasam

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